If it’s a bloke, must be a Monday!

Every single day of the week has looked like someone or something for the longest possible time, each representing a sentient being. I feel compelled to share how i feel about each day, since in my mind’s eye, Monday’s a bloke- a handsome young man, whose fresh visage harkens to the day’s calling. Monday is refreshing, Monday is daunting, Monday is an irresistible man whose call is soft yet lucid and clear, whose voice is short of a baritone that says, “here i am, now take me as i am….i will always be here, after your Sunday party and relieve you of all the stress you are forced to undergo during the weekend!” And i go for him, and embrace this beautiful, beautiful Day that most folk fear. Oh! dreadful Monday, bloody Monday, horrible Monday- oh i hate Mondays! Me, i love my Mondays…and now you know why.

Tuesday – a mellow, yet unopened blossom (only till midday), a genteel persona…a lady. She bursts into full bloom around the time that i stretch my limbs and realise that the rush of Monday is over…and it’s time to breathe deeply and inhale, something i forget on Mondays!

No miseries on Tuesday – it’s a gentle, sweet, un-abrasive kind of scented day, that carries you with it in its arms, nestling Monday’s urgency and acting upon my senses like a balm. Tuesdays, i am good, i am settled and generally happy.

Wednesday – back to male dominion. Wednesday is a strong, wilful day and businesslike. Wednesday, i am not just getting about my day, but attacking every hour with a pressing need to accomplish. So in my mind, Wednesday is a strong, muscular male person with less mind but more power. Go, go, go he says. I visualise Wednesday as a tall, dark and grand personality, not necessarily handsome and good-looking but you can’t look away from him either. Wednesday is compelling and i push and move and work on Wednesdays.

Thursday – homely, closer to Friday, partnering with an oncoming weekend, slower in pace, gentler visage and a woman of substance. I see a midsize lady, with a bindi upon her forehead, arms loosely by her side, determined yet not pushy. Thursday is a superb day- my favorite of the lot. Thursday’s language is slower….she is a contented person, happy with her lot and her place among the 7 siblings. I often am more relaxed on a Thursday and enjoy my own company. Thursdays are for meeting friends, chilling out and having long lunches. Thursday and i, we are good.

Friday – ah wonderful Friday! Now what do we have here, an older person- greying at the temples, wise with age, seen this, done that. Friday is mature, Friday has a slight, comely paunch, yet Friday is smartened up, wisened with the passing years and with a quickness to his steps.

Middle-aged but very smart Friday is a man to reckon with. Do i love Fridays? Not particularly….but i do like him. Friday evenings – they can be lonely and long if not planned for. Hate planning. Image. Man Friday is Fridays, everyone is partying and dressing down, but for me, end of the week, that wastolerable, Man Friday is needed, because we arrive at the weekend- but i would skip a Friday if i could, smart as he is.

Saturday- fine male counterpart to Sunday- the strong, broad-shouldered, capable woman.

Saturday meets Sunday at midnight, and they have a rollicking time just being who they are. They do very little in my vision to enhance their intrinsic personas….the fact that they stand where they do, at the edge of a week, gives them an overpowering, inherent quality and they smile and laugh. While Saturday, young man, robust and handsome, draws us into the two-day combine, and offers us goodies to enjoy…a picnic, a movie, an outing for the sake of it, some shopping, some catching-up; Sunday affords us freedom and spells joy and relaxation, while taking care of the rest of  our lives. The mind is filled with sweetness as the body lets go of the tensions of the week, and she cradles our needs unbeknownst to us.

Oh yeah! i do love this partnership, i love this couple without whom i could not travel as often as i do.  So if i have to rate my Days….this couple holds the 1st prize. Thursday follows close at its heels, and Monday, well, is a fine day too. Days are days, but when they take on the aura of beings…they are that much more special, are they not!

Life was offered to us at birth, and we chose to divide it up in days, months, years and such like. Why not create something more out of our own creation, eh!

What’s your take?