A mirror doesn’t just reflect, does it! Tis a sheet- and not a blank one. Here we are, naked, mirror in front , and our fronts to the mirror. Reflections. We  see an image, a self-created image reflected therein, minusing that which is ugly, we design that mould of our self that we desire. A mirror is just an instrument, it does not reflect The Truth, unadulterated- pure and simple. It reflects only  A Truth- our image of our truth.  Isn’t that the true purpose of a mirror?

I try and polish it in daylight, but at night it dims, it blurs, it tarnishes. I awaken and re-polish on another new morn…but night does fall, and the routine is repeated, as all routines must. So on and on and on….Mirror on the wall, in the bathroom, in my salon, in the study- so many images of the self- which one do i choose to be today, which reflection is mine, whole and sole, i wonder on and on.

Writing on the Wall

Mirror mirror on the wall- show me what I wish to see

Mirror mirror on the wall – don’t just let me be,

Mirror mirror on the wall – O don’t just let me be.

Let me in, let me out….never a shout.

Mirror mirror on the wall – be my desire, be my fire,

Cast my image in gold, silver, diamond, ever higher.

Make me light as feather,

Inconstant as weather; strong as a gale,

Yet make me sail, fly…asunder.

O pretty, unbreakable diamond-cutter,

Smooth as butter……

Translucent as morning dew,

Mirror mirror – cast me anew.