The Week That Was…..

The Week that Was

So Monday morning up with the lark. Hard work beckons, lame Monday mornings….a buzzing fly wakes me up before my 7 am alarm, and i’m not even what they call ‘A Working Woman’….No, i’m just a woman who does her own thing in her own time. All in control i tell myself.

However, a ripe new assignment awaited me, and i could feel the trills traipsing their way up my spine. In the meantime :

Breakfast for son – check

3 cups of tea for self – check

Bread waiting by toaster with melting butter – check

Tray with doily and sugar prepped for mother – check

Lunch menu clearly vetted visually in head – check

Laptop charged – check

Kindle in working condition – check

TO DO List

  • refills for old pens lying in leather pencase in old leather bag;
  • curtains (GK Fab India);
  • folders (Galleria)
  • film (DT Mega, MGF- Tamil, Hindi, English)
  • mail to ask for class timings

Monday hopped along, almost without a hitch. Post-lunch : none of the To Do tasks had gotten done, of course they didn’t. Reason : hubby gets a catch in back, which turns out to be a couple of prolapsed discs. OUCH! Amidst much drama and fervent internet searches one finds a new hospital which boasts of a great physiotherapy unit. Great pain and much shuffling in and out of car ensues. Result – painkillers and bed-rest (the usual).

I am trapped. He is trapped. We are in this together we had sworn, thru’ discs and knee operations, thru’ childbirth and teens, thru’ inlaws and outlaws- through it all.

I had wanted it all. I got it all : the Euphoria – the Abyss, the Pain – the Bliss.

Tuesday is fun since i realise and know that i’m no mole, can’t dig down further even if i knew how, so i take the bull by the horns. Animal-like, instinct in top gear, i perform the routine. I check all my tasks. I sulk but i feed, and i breathe. I nudge, as i also make budge, i watch, i nurse, i read out, i am the serving warrior- no questions.

He observes my manic breath, from his corner, and helplessly runs on guilt. I provide fodder for thought by telling him that he must work on his need to be healed. I tell him to heal himself and not seek attention by ‘prolapsing his discs’. He grudgingly reflects upon my words.

Later, when i’m spent, we laugh a lot.

My ToDo List remains untouched and pristine.

Wednesday is better. We have found a chiropractor – Eureka! He’s bloody damn good.

Thursday, the man is walking around- well not quite, he is limping around holding the discs that now protrude less.

The genius of a chiropractor had caused much pain for much gain. It was an unbelievable recovery (well almost).

We are now dining, dignified, at the table instead of lying in bed and being fed by wife.

Friday – office comes home. I dole out snacks even as i begin my new assignment.

It’s all good. Man is well on his way to recovery and is now losing his limp. I am less warrior-like, and more servile. Yet, i deal a neat punch when exhaustion gets the better of me from doling out chapatis in very humid kitchen at 8 pm.

To Do List remains as pristine as ever.

The weekend arrives and the heart is aflutter with renewed hope of a fresh new start. Be strong. The week that is to be will bring more adventures, but perhaps more order too. It’s all out of my control. Illusions of control have faded rapidly.

Maybe i’ll refresh my skills as writer-teacher-homemaker-wife-mother. All my buttons are in need of a good ‘rinse & spin’.

Sunday. Sabbath. Time to Pray for My Time.

IMG_4585The Week that was was what it was. The Week that will be, will be- qué sera sera.