What!?! It’s Only Been Two Years!

IMG_0494.JPGI wake up on a fine March morning. The temperatures, deeply pleasant, almost nippy, and realize that we have been in this wonderful home of ours for almost two years now. A new nest had been made ours, embraced and furnished, as is our wont, with much gusto, imagining that we wouldn’t last beyond the assigned two years, at best. It is tradition. We move, we settle, then we unsettle and move. That’s the pattern.

Yet, here we are, thus far- close to two, and more than settled, more than comfortable- bordering on complacent. Something’s wrong, or is something finally right? A question that throbs.

Have we broken and stilled an unerring pattern that had us in its hold? Are we now at an age when we can actually be ‘home’ for longer than what we had deemed a natural length of time- say two years? It’s laughable for many, yet it was us, the Natesans. We are good with two years, and then, ready to be up and running. My cup spilleth over. Actually deeply content, and not jumpy or impatient to start looking for packers, and movers. It’s happening! Praise the Lord!

To be clear about how this is coming to pass, collating factors that obviously come into merry play, is imperative for me :

  1. Started conducting writer’s workshops, a dream nurtured for the longest time;

2.  Imagined that our son would need to be in a steady environment to complete his graduation;

3. Husband would surely be in a job that would provide us our fair share of bread/butter and means to travel at will;

4. Within the first year, I rejoined my book club, which embraced me without much ado, and if anything, with open arms. Then joined another, a new group of beautiful women, who read, chat, pub. How does it get better than that? It doesn’t.

5. Being in Gurgaon opened up doors, and a whole new world of world cuisines, books coming at me faster than I could dodge; a brand new momentum within shed its grace upon me, shaking me out of a previous stupor.

6. The seasons in the north took on new meanings, with each lending itself to my creative instincts; every nuance observed, nothing was missed. A heightened sense of perception invaded my being.

7. A terrace garden- you’ve got to be kidding! That was what others always possessed, the wealthy folk! We actually had one, one that beckoned at odd hours of the day and night, seasons notwithstanding. This was crazy- we were living in the midst of exotic birds, and could touch real colours.

8. If that were not enough, a kitchen garden bloomed, and we were eating straight out of our homegrown patches. How does it get better than that! It doesn’t.

9. How could I not write, write, write. SO I started writing seriously, and began to look in earnest for publishers for my debut novel.

10. A new work studio was knocked into place, and inspirations began pouring in torrents. Was I thrilled!

So : the husband, the one that seeks newness in all, is actually content in his job.

The son quit college for more intellectual pursuits, and soul-satisfaction. In the meantime, the daughter in New York, completes her MSc and finds a job.

The summing up of two years, two very happening years, i hasten to add, encompassing, it would seem, a lifetime of events- or rather a culmination of hard work, and marking a continuum that should hold. I do believe we might just have plugged the stream that flowed from a two-year stretch, into a two-year stretch. It is now to be seen how much longer this body will nurture itself, in this new paradigm.

I want to celebrate this newness, one that I discover on a fine March morning. Upstairs, the flowers nod at me, smiling in summery fashion, telling me, ‘all’s right with the world girl, just keep going’.