Between you and me,

A flurry, a whisper blew.

Your lips moved, hands still,

Eyes disprove.

A movement; clear yet transient vibe,

Fleeting, yet tangible.

A new constant, to hush the jibes?

Utter out loud, shred the silence,

A plea, do honour this alliance.

What was it, this movement?

A bridge suspended,

By a thread, a cadence that is ours?

Recognition bound in taupe,

Prayer flags flutter in hope,

Yet tenuous, beyond those scars.

May movement be ours again,

Stillness abandoned,

Free, unfetter, unharness,

Those whispered sweet-nothings,

Broken, but restored : the nudging,

The mingling, the shuffling.

A Movement; a start,

New quest, forgotten fears,

Pretend arrest, grace unseal,

Joint visions congeal.

In our once-homely glen,

Restore the Zen, our love re-blend.


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